Day 53: Tear-jerker

Today’s task was for me to watch a clip that brings me to tears and write about it. I’ve chosen to write the saddest scene from one of my favourite tv shows The Good Place.

They sat in the town’s square with empty chairs all around them, staring at the film ahead of them. She couldn’t take her gaze off their forgotten memories, all playing out before her eyes. Chidi sat beside her, also mesmerised by all their forgotten memories of their time together.

The scenes were similar to those from silent movies, except these were in colour. There were clips of Chidi teaching Eleanor ethics and philosophy, whilst music from a violin played.

Eleanor leans over and placed her head on Chidi’s shoulder as she continues to stare on at the scenes before her.

Scenes of hugging, and comfort played out before them, scenes of first dates and first kisses. Scenes of screaming and shouting matches, before the scenes of apologies and making up. There were even scenes of the two slow dancing in the rain.

Eleanor teared up as she knew this was going to be the hardest goodbye yet. To loose him all over again, to know that he won’t be able to remember her after this. That all their forgotten memories, and recent memories will all be erased, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Thank you for reading

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