Day 50: Recovery

Having my phone stolen is by far the worst thing to have ever happened on my birthday. And throughout today I have been on a road seeking recovery, both for the contents of my iPhone and for myself as a person. I did not know how attached I was to my iPhone until it was stolen, and the fact that it is brand new and costs a fortune makes me so angry, both with myself and the thieves.

Today has been hard, because I miss my phone, because I miss 5 years worth of photos that were saved on my phone (that have all been erased through iCloud – how? I do not know). I miss having my life in one place, my calendar and to-do list, my banking apps, my WordPress app, everything I needed was in one place. And now its all erased, gone forever.

Right now for me, there are 3 paths that may lead to recovery. Path 1 is to have hope that the police will find the thieves and my phone. Path 2 – is to continue on as I am and remove myself from phones for a whole year and path 3 is to buy a new iPhone and this time get insurance. I want to believe that the police will find my phone but I know that that is unlikely, and going without a phone seems impossible right now, because all throughout today I was trying so hard not to cry. Path 3, buying a new iPhone is another impossible path as I do not have the finances to buy any new phone, let alone an iPhone, especially since I’m still locked into my current contract for another 20 months.

The road to recovery seems to far away right now, I just hope I make the right decision.

Thank you for reading.  

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