Day 44: Nothing

I looked about me as my eyes seem to have malfunctioned, for all I saw was darkness. I found it hard to believe that my eyes were open, and yet here I was, eyes wide open and seeing nothing, no light, no shadows, just complete darkness. The only way I knew my eyes were open was through my constant blinking, trying to adjust to the darkness, but it was impossible, there was no adjusting to this.

I could feel my arms and legs, light as a feather, as if I were floating. There was no gravity pulling me down. I tried feeling around me, trying to grab hold of something to keep me stable, but there was nothing to hold on to. I continued to reach out around me, desperate to find something, anything to hold, to touch, to brush my hand against, anything other than myself.

The sound, or lack of, was the worst part of it all, it was unbearable. The silence was unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. There was nothing, no noise, no whisper, absolutely nothing. It’s as if my ears had disappeared and darkness had taken its place. I stayed there, for what seemed like eternity, wondering what had happened to time, and whether or not it would find me.

Thank you for reading.

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