Day 41: What You Don’t Know

When I was younger, I used to hate secrets. I used to hate keeping secrets and hated it even more when secrets were kept from me. I used to want to know everything about everyone, and once I knew I had to share it. To be frank, I was a gossip. But not just for other people’s secrets but of my own as well. All throughout high school I would overshare everything with everyone, things about my past, present and future, things about my friends and their lives.

But now I’m the complete opposite, I don’t love secrets, but I love privacy. I no longer overshare but undershare about myself. Not because I’ve become a cynic and think people are out to destroy me, but because not everyone needs or wants to know everything. And what’s more, I appreciate the things people don’t tell me, because I would add no value to it, and it would add no value to my life.

I don’t think we should keep secrets from the people we love, but I do strongly believe in privacy especially in modern society. For example, I don’t post about my holidays until after I’ve returned, or tweet about my day to day, I mostly just retweet things I find funny or can relate to.

Thank you for reading.  

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