Day 40: Car Keys

I remember passing my driving test. I was so nervous because I had previously failed a year ago. The one year hiatus wasn’t because I was afraid to get back behind the wheels, but because I moved countries and didn’t want the hassle of starting all over again in a new country.

I remember giving myself 2 weeks to pass my driving test because I was convinced I already knew how to drive because of all the lessons I took a year ago. I decided to get a more expensive driving instructor as my previous driving instructor always gave me anxiety because he was nervous about me scratching his car. My new instructor couldn’t care less about the car, it was the company’s car, all she cared about was me passing my test. Her name was Lucki, and boy was she a lucky charm.

I remember that she used to tell me all about her children as I drove with her during those 2 weeks, she made me feel so relaxed. I remember the day of my driving test, how easy it felt in the first 10 minutes. I remember half way through the test a cyclist drove in front of me very slowly and there was no way to overtake as there were parked cars everywhere. I remember getting impatient and overtaking the cyclist at a junction (which I was taught never to do), and spending the rest of the test thinking I had failed.

I remember getting back to the test centre and doing the most perfect bay parking. I had never before done a bay parking with such precision, I was in shock at how perfect it was. I remember thinking what a waste of perfect parking as I thought that I had failed. I remember being told I passed and only had 2 minor errors and the surprise and joy I felt.

Thank you for reading

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