Day 38: Fire Starter

“Oh she’s certainly a fire starter that one. She doesn’t know how to leave things alone” she said, as I turned my gaze to the woman she was referring to.

“What makes you say that? She looks so calm and peaceful, how could she possibly be a fire starter?” I responded in disbelief.

“Oh but she is. That’s why she’s so good at it, that innocent look on her face, it catches people off-guard. No one sees it coming. Look at the meeting last week, everyone else was giving positive feedback, embellishing the truth a little to please the Chief Executive and there she was, giving the unfiltered truth and causing issues for everyone else.” She said.

“But isn’t that a good thing?” I asked puzzled, “surely the plain truth is better than an embellished lie”

“In theory yes, but not in real life. She caused a lot of problems for a lot of people, lots of fires had to be put out because of her comments. She was so blunt. To the Chief Executive of all people! Everyone knows you tell senior management what they want to hear, not what is actually going on.”

“Isn’t that wrong? Shouldn’t we tell the truth so change can happen?” I pressed.

“Oh my sweet child, you’re so inexperienced. No one wants change, we like things the way it is. I’ve been at this job for 25 years and I like things exactly as it is.”

“So what did the chief executive do?” I asked, questioning my choice of work friends.

“Well she changed things. Aren’t you listening? She put procedures in place that changed the way we work. And now I have to learn new things when I’ve become an expert in the old ways. All these young people coming here with their ideas and ruining everything. I hope you don’t become like her.”

“hmmm” I responded, knowing exactly which one of the two I wanted to be like.

Thank you for reading.

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