Day 35: War and Peace

For a long time I believed that war was always wrong and that peace was always right, and to an extent I still believe this. I think that war should always be a last resort, when all other options have been exhausted and failed, then and only then do we resort to war. And even then, there has to be a very good reason for war. The reason should bring more good than harm and the war should be short term.

Nowadays we go to war for every Tom, Dick and Harry, however small the reason, we are quick to raise arms. We never try peace as our first option, we don’t negotiate and mediate, we just fight. The phrase ‘we don’t negotiate with terrorist’ comes to mind but then so those ‘one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’. We’ve stopped trying to understand other people’s perspective and have this idea that we are right and therefore everyone else is wrong. Instead we should be open to seeing someone else’s truth.

This lack of understanding not only plays a part in war but in everyday politics. In most countries there is a right wing and a left wing, and nowadays people are either extremely right or extremely left to a point where they are both forcing you to agree to their views. Look at Brexit for example. Many people accuse Leave voters of being anti-immigration and racist and not fully understanding the purpose of the EU. That might be true for some, but there are those who knowingly voted to leave the EU because they felt that EU law was overtaking the UK’s legal system. This is not to diminish the racists and xenophobic acts of some Leave voters after the Brexit vote was announced, but we can’t paint them all with the same brush. In the same way right wingers call lefties snowflakes for believing in equality and fighting for other people’s rights, for believing in a more open and free world. This too is not to excuse some of the over sensitivity of political correctness, e.g. the people who believe that we need to ask babies for their consent before changing their diapers. Consent is a very important that I’m more than ready to fight for it, just not in diaper changing.

In conclusion to my rant, we all need to communicate more with each other before the world becomes worse than it already is. We need to be willingly to see the other person’s perspective, we don’t have to agree with it, but we should try to understand it. And hopefully this will lead to less wars and more peace.

Thank you for reading.

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