Day 33: Jewellery

It had been in the family for a very long time, for centuries my ancestors had worn it and now it’s between me and him. As the eldest child, it should go to me, but due to the medieval and sexist laws that still exists, it might go to him. My whole life, I have been trained for this, trained to inherit it. I don’t blame him for the creation of these laws, I blame father for not changing them whilst he had the chance. He knew what the law was and he made no effort to rectify it. Regardless of what either of us want, it was his duty to uphold the law.

There it stands, surrounded by glass. I dreamt of having it sit on my head for so long, and now I may have to forgo the dream. The magnificent diamonds almost over power the gold frame, with the rubies adding a hint of elegance. What a thing of beauty it is, its calling me to it.

My poor brother, he would not know how to carry the weight of it. He was never interested in ruling, all he wanted was to live his life on his terms. And now that might all change, depending on the decision of parliament. We made a pact that no matter what, we will still support each other. That a piece of jewellery would not come between us or the family. It’s a pact we both stand by and will continue to stand by.

Parliament has spoken, it is mine.

Thank you for reading.

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