Day 31: The Teacher

One of my most inspiration teachers that I’ve ever had was Nadia. Nadia was my English Literature teacher when I was in year 12. She was the most eccentric and enthusiastic teacher I’ve ever had. Nadia loved books, and she loved teaching about books, and most importantly she had human interactions with books. By human interactions I mean she didn’t just talk about books in terms of metaphors and lexical choices, she spoke about books in terms of her screaming on the train after getting to the end of We Need to Talk about Kevin. Yes, we wrote essays and discussed literary devices, but we acted out scenes from The Tempest, making wind noises and shaking our chairs in order to mirror boats at sea.

In year 12, her class was my favourite, it was the class I hated to miss the most. I was always early, with my books in hand and ready for whatever fun, exciting lesson we had to learn. I remember how much I loved to write essays (that love soon died when I entered university). I remember the day she announced that we were studying Jane Eyre as our exam text, I almost died of excitement. My favourite teacher was going to teach my favourite book in my favourite class. There was nothing I could have loved more. I have never studied for an exam as much as I studied for that exam. I had notes, PowerPoint presentations, flash cards and study groups. I had it all.

This post is dedicated to Nadia and all the amazing teachers like her that inspired a maths-loving geek like me to do an English and History degree. I am so lucky to have had a teacher like you.

Thank You for reading.

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