Day 30: Shopping

Honestly, if I had an endless amount of money and could buy anything, the first thing I’ll buy is a house. I don’t want a huge house with endless rooms because all my family members will move in, and I’ll rather save the money and buy them a house at least 30 minutes away from me. I would buy my parents their own house, nothing excessive because they’ll have to maintain it (and by they I mean me because they’ll get me to do all the work).  I’ll buy a 6 bedroom house for me, and a 4 bedroom house for my parents, which they wouldn’t even move into because they love their current house, so they’ll end up renting it out and making money from it.

The second item on my list would be bedding/ décor for the house. I am slightly obsessed with all things home related, especially bedding. I love splashing out on a beautiful duvet set, with matching cushions and a few extra blankets. I’d also buy a rug and a new carpet. Why stop there. I’d also get an interior decorator to do the whole house and do my parent’s new property as well.

The third item on my list would be a new degree in something fun and creative, like my first degree. The second degree could be in climate change, or poverty reduction or African studies or maybe creative writing. If I had the time, I’d do all of them and so many more.

Those are the top 3 things that I would spend my money on if money was not an issue.

Thank you for reading.

Please feel free to comment below on the things you would buy if you had all the money in the world.

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