Day 27: Closed Doors

I walked down the hallway dotted with doors, each of them closed. At the other side of the endless corridor lays my destination, the door I needed to go through. Each door in the hallway was painted a different colour, from light to dark. The lighter colours were at the other end of the hallway whilst I was still in the dark grey section trying to get to white. I walk slowly, taking it all in, knowing that this will be my last time here.

I remember my first time going down this corridor, all the doors I had opened and closed before. I remember the burgundy door and the uncontrolled passion that laid on the other side. I remember anger so deep that I couldn’t control my actions. I remember falling in love with everything and everyone and doing whatever felt right for me, regardless of whether or not it was in fact right. I remember all the doors that came after that, the deep blues, and bright yellows. I remember it all.

I remember the last time I was here, going through the green door felt surreal. I felt safe, stable and in harmony with myself and the world. I remember all the growth that went on when I went through that door. All the self-reflection, learning from who I was and actively seeking who I wanted to be.

And now here I am. Standing in front of my final door, the white door. I can just see all the things that awaits me through that door, all the goodness, new beginnings and endless possibilities. This is the destination I’ve been seeking my whole life.

Here I am.

Thank you for reading.

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