Day 25: Dread

I hope it doesn’t come up, I really really hope that it doesn’t. I’ve practised for everything else, every other question I can answer with ease. I can write essays and essays on everything else, but I pray it doesn’t come up.

It’s not that I’ve completely ignored it in my preparation, it’s just that I don’t have the answer. And whenever I find it, I forget it. It refuses to stay in my mind. Everything else I remember, but this one question I just can’t master.

It’s dreadful, because I know it will come up. I know it’s going to be the first question and I don’t know what I’m going to do when its asked. What am I going to say? Nothing I think of sounds right, it all sounds like bullshit.

I need a miracle. I need supernatural intervention. Anything! The whole earth opening up and swallowing me whole!

Oh no! Just like I thought, It’s the first question.

Thank you for reading.

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