Day 20: Missed Connection

For today’s writing challenge, I went on Craigslist and looked at the missed connections section for some inspiration. This text was adapted from Easyjet to Inverness 25.10.18 (Gatwick).

As soon as I got on the flight, I saw you sitting there, row 1A. I had never felt so lucky in my life, as my seat was 1B. I tried to conceal the smile on my face as I approached you. I greeted you with a nod and placed my hand luggage in the overhead locker. I sat down, going over in my head, what my conversation starter should be. I was stuck between asking you about your trip to Inverness or commenting on the weather in London. Luckily you spoke up first and asked if it was my first time visiting Inverness. The conversation flowed from there, and the flight took off. We spent the whole time talking, laughing and getting to know each other.

I’ve never connected with a stranger on such a level. You read about these thing in novels and watch it on your tv, but to have to real connection is not something that happens everyday. I knew what a rarity this was and was not about to let it go. The flight landed and the seatbelt sign was switched off. I moved to the side to grab my luggage from the overhead locker and I turned around to see your back as you walked off the flight. I wanted to call out to you but realised that in the duration of the flight, not once had we exchanged names. You were too far gone for me to reach and I knew that I had missed the most spectacular connection.

Thank you for reading.

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