Day 19: Great Minds

I once knew a woman with a great mind. She thought of things that no one else could see. She looked at every situation and could tell you how that came to be and where it would most likely lead, and rarely was she wrong. Her abilities not only stopped with situations but went to people too, she could tell you how a person felt by just looking at them. She had no special powers, all she did was pay attention. Whilst everyone else was worrying about their own issues and problems, she was paying attention, observing people.

She was a midwife by trade, and she excelled in her field. She knew which herds and plants could ease the pain of childbirth. Of all the babies of high class born in the town, this great minded woman was the one that bought them into this world. 20 years she had been practising her trade and not once had she lost a baby. This woman’s mind worked better than all in the town, it was an honour just to converse with her. Not all in the town were in favour of her great mind, some began to conspire against her. They were jealous of the monopoly that she held in the midwifery trade. They were jealous of her success and fame. So the conspirators plotted a great plot, one that was known to so many across the country. They accused her of witchcraft. The town’s people were quick to believe the lies and to accept that only the devil could gift a woman with a great mind, when in fact her gift was from God. They sought to investigate this claim through drowning. They tied her legs and hands together and dropped her in the river. This simple test would once and for all prove if she were a witch. If she were to drown she was human, but if she were to survive she would be burnt at the stake as a witch. With hands and legs tied she could not swim, and after a few minutes she drowned.

Thank you for reading.

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