Day 18: Cleaning

For me, Saturday is my cleaning day. And depending on the Saturday, my routine changes, but the tasks that I do every Saturday are cleaning the bathroom and floors, and tidying up my clothes (which are usually piled on a chair). However, since watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo, I have become obsessed with re-assessing my life and seeing what sparks joy for me and finding new and creative ways to tidy up. If you have not watched Tidying up with Marie Kondo, I highly recommend it.

So last weekend, I did my usual cleaning of the bathroom, and the floors, and then went full on Marie and cleaned out my socks, pyjamas, and linen drawers and refolded it whilst giving away items that no longer sparked joy. And now I want to do my whole wardrobe and all week I’ve been thinking about storage ideas for my clothes. So my to-do list for tomorrow includes, buying new bed linens (ones that spark joy) and baskets, doing my laundry, changing my bedsheets, cleaning the floors, cleaning the mirrors and light switches and door handles, and finally cleaning the bathroom. I am super excited about re-watching some episodes of Tidying up with Marie Kondo to get some inspiration before tackling my wardrobe.

Thank you for reading.

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