Day 17: Dictionary

So today’s task was to find a word in a dictionary and define it, and since I only have French dictionaries, I found a French word.

The word I have is bonheur, this word means happiness, joy, pleasure and delight. It could also mean luck and fortune. When I first saw this word, I saw the literal translation as a good time, because bon means good and heur means time, so to me it means a good time, which in itself brings joy, happiness and pleasure.

For me le bonheur is calling my friend after a hard day at work and just talking it through and being encouraged. Le bonheur is finding the perfect book and reading it in the private roof terrace in a guest house in Marrakech. Le bonheur is spending time writing my wonderful blog and getting excited about the next topic and thinking about it the whole day. Le bonheur is finally finishing a portrait that I have been working on for hours or finish cooking a meal. Saying the word itself brings me bonheur.

Thank you for reading.

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