Day 16: Addict

I googled the word addict and one of the definitions was ‘an enthusiastic devotee’. So, I decided to base my post on something I am enthusiastically devoted to, to-do lists.

I am addicted to to-do lists, whether that’s in the form of a to-do journal, a white board in my room, numerous post it notes, my calendar, my list app, or my notes app. I have endless amounts of to-do lists. I have an app of to-do lists, where I can organise them according to theme, and add notes and attachments and share them (which comes in handy for a grocery list as the other person can see what has already been bought). I love to-do lists.

I go to bed every night with a list of things I have to remember, and to make sure I remember, I set my morning alarm and write a note of things I have to do. I also set alarms throughout the day to remind me of things I have to do.

Why do I need so many lists you ask? I’m not a forgetful person and I always remember during the day without my alarm and then I have to turn off my alarm because I’ve already accomplished the task. It’s the same with my calendar, I can recite all the things I have to do today without looking at my calendar but I still make a note of everything. This is because I remember things once I’ve written it down. If someone says something to me and I try to remember it, I never do, but once I write it down, it stays in my mind forever. So, here’s to to-do lists. May I always find new and creative ways of making them.

Thank you for reading.

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