Day 13: The Letter Poem

Dear Lover,

Just 2 words written on a page

Brought my heart freedom from it’s cage

The day we met, you had such charm

It caused me to step back in alarm

The smile you gave followed by the wink

Forced me to lose all ability to think

I knew I was yours the moment you said hello

I was ready for anything, and everything that followed.

Dear Lover,

My heart cannot sit still

Every moment with you has been nothing but a thrill

Remember when we took our first trip to South of France

And stood under the moon and had our first dance

Remember the sand that followed us to bed

And you looked into my eyes after all that was said

You told me you loved me, till death do us part

And I said, I do, offering you my heart.

Dear Lover,

With all these years, not a thing has changed

Not a day goes by, that I don’t think it strange

That my love for you has never ceased

Through all the years, it has increased

Through fights and disagreements

And all the ragging seasons,

You are and will forever be my dear lover.

Thank you for reading.

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