Day 10: Friendship

I’m dedicating this post to my friend Rebecca.

Rebecca and I met on the first day of university. I remember knocking on her door, just after moving in and asking if she was going to the Freshers party later that night, and she said yes. As it was our very first university party, we didn’t yet understand the concept of pre-drinking. So we got dressed, and soberly walked to the university club. To be honest, I don’t remember that first night of clubbing at all, and not because we were so drunk that the memories evaporated in our brains, but because it was so uneventful that there was nothing to remember. I do however, remember feeling sleep deprived and tired in my very first introductory lecture the following day.  

After living together for all of first year, celebrating birthdays, paydays, good days and bad days, we decided to live together for a second year (with two of our other friends).  Unlike our first year, where Rebecca’s room was 4 flights of stairs from mine, this time we were on the same floor. This meant 5 mins chats that turned into 3 hours, Game of Thrones marathons (separately of course, because we loved Game of Thrones more than each others’ company), me judging her K-pop phase, whilst she judged my bright orange dungarees, and me occasionally stealing her bread and eating her rice.

Our friendship continued as I lived abroad for one year (Rebecca if you’re reading this, I know how much you love it when I talk about my year abroad), whilst she finished her degree. Until I also graduated and joined her in the working world, where our friendship is now mainly centred around us moaning about work. Even today, you helped me answer a very important question ‘am I spoilt?’, by reminding me of who I am and why I love you.

Here’s to many more years of friendship, travelling and ridiculously long phone conversations.

Thank you for reading.

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