Day 8: Dream-Catcher

I can’t remember a single dream I had last year, I know I had some and that for a moment after I remembered them, but not anymore. When I was younger, I only experienced nightmare-esque dreams, the most bizarre and inexplicable ones.

I once dreamt of feline-like animals, who were chasing and attacking me, and they could create and go through portals and so could I. I dreamt of me going through a portal that bought me to my room and I looked at myself, peacefully sleeping on the bed, dreaming that dream. It was a paradox, the sleeping me on the bed was dreaming of the other me, whilst the other me was watching over the sleeping me and protecting me from the feline creatures and ensuring that they did not wake me up. The other me had the power to turn these creatures into statues, but I could never figure out how I did it.

Another time I dreamt of Dan from One Tree Hill having control of all my dolls. The dolls would watch me as I slept and report back to Dan. There was a part in the dream where he was in my house, on the staircase with me behind him saying ‘I know your secret, I know about the dolls’. He didn’t seem to care or seem vaguely frightened by my declarations, as if he knew there was nothing I could do about it.

The closest thing to a normal dream I ever had as a child was me meeting some old friends at a library. But it wasn’t just a library, it was also a WHSmith, as well and a castle. A real castle with a fully functioning gate that could be lowered. My friends and I spoke, I read a book and I woke up.

Thank you for reading.

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