Day 4: Dancing

There she was, in the centre of it all, dancing like her life depended on it. I’d be lying if I said all eyes were on her, but sure as hell my eyes were on her. She was stunning, magnificent, like something out of a movie. Her dress was so sexy, I just sat there hypnotised.

When she first walked into the room, with her long train and backless dress, she looked like a bride, like my future bride. I had to go over, just to compliment her, just to tell her how beautiful she was, but she already knew. I mean the way her hips swayed when she walked, the train making her look taller than she was, and she was already very tall. By the time the first song came on, I couldn’t stop talking about her, couldn’t stop looking at her from across the room. She got up and danced with her auntie. She was so full of life.

By the third song, she was dancing with any and every female she could find, cousins, aunties, uncle’s girlfriends, just any female really. She didn’t let a man near her, even as they were creeping closer to her, trying to get her attention on the dance floor. She didn’t pay any attention to them. And all I did was pay attention to her. I just wanted her to dance with me so badly, like the last time I saw her. I mean, I was dying to have her in my arms, but she didn’t even look at me. The whole night, she didn’t even look at me.

I mean, the party was basically over, and there she still was, my dancing queen, still on the dance floor. Hips moving back and forth, her hands following her body’s movement, her head titling backward, just completely in her zone. She still had the same energy as she did at the start of the night, just endless energy. I mean, it’s almost as if she had a point to prove.

For me that’s the thing I remember the most about her. Whenever I close my eyes, I see her on that dance floor, letting the music move her.

Thank you for reading.

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